Yikes, I’m Starting a Business! Or, How to Tackle the F Word on a Daily Basis…

Starting my own business is something I never, ever thought I would do. I was firmly ensconced in my academic career and fully expected to stay there until I keeled over at the lectern. I never expected having to reinvent myself and start another career path, yet there I was… 

Lessons from Bowie the Golden Retriever Puppy

Have you ever watched a puppy play? Really watched? We brought home an adorable fuzzy little puppy a couple of weeks ago and we named him Bowie. If you’ve ever had a puppy, you understand the major adjustment it is for your life, your house, and any family members, including other furry friends. But they are just so darn cute! 

So, as I try not to get frustrated with the little bugger for doing exactly what he’s supposed to be doing as a puppy by exploring his surroundings, experiencing this amazing new world he’s in, and chewing on EVERYTHING, I’ve been reflecting on how amazing puppies really are, and how if we were just a little more like puppies, our lives might just be happier and more fulfilling. 

I’ve Seen Fire and (I wish) I’ve Seen Rain…

Being evacuated due to a wildfire that nearly burned down your neighborhood is a sobering thing. And as the Santa Ana winds blast away outside again, as they have every other Monday for the past five Mondays, two of which sparked wildfires, I’ve never hoped for it to rain so much in my life! But here in Southern California, the chances of a good, soaking rain this early in the season are pretty much nil. So on pins and needles I sit.

So What Does a Life Coach do Anyway?

Good question!

Life coaching is about helping people to live their best lives and, as you can imagine, this can take many different forms. A few examples include working with clients to:
  • improve interpersonal relationships
  • find their life path or make the current one better
  • navigate their way through life’s transitions
  • develop their careers
  • build their businesses 
  • improve health
  • lose weight
You can think of a life coach as a guide who helps you clarify what it is you really want out of life. As such, we don’t tell you what to do; instead, we ask powerful questions and use a broad range of tools from a variety of disciplines to help you find the answers that already lie within you. We then work with you to help you figure out how to make those answers reality.

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