Welcome to LifeWalkerCoach.com!

Welcome to LifeWalkerCoach.com!

I can’t even begin to tell you how excited I am to announce that LifeWalkerCoach.com is live and to welcome you to my site! As some of you already know, there are many firsts involved in this endeavor: my first website, first blog, and first business…

And you know what? I’m having a GREAT time!

This new path as a life coach is something I am passionate about and feel very strongly can be helpful to many people regardless of age, career stage, or life circumstance. All it takes is openness and honesty and we’re both on a new journey together. I find that very exciting and fulfilling, which makes this work a joy to do. 

My path here has been somewhat tumultuous because I had to get through many of the issues that, as a life coach, I now coach others through. But in the end, it makes me a better and more in-tune coach than I otherwise probably would have been. 

 Ever have life get in the way of your plans?

I did and it blew my world apart! Within a period of 18 months: 

  • My husband was laid off from his job as a civil engineer
  • We endured nearly 8 months of his unemployment
  • He relocated back to California for work (we were in Louisiana for my faculty position at the time)
  • I stayed behind to finish the academic year 
  • His mother died of melanoma
  • I left my faculty position early to return to California to reunite with my husband and care for my terminally ill mother
  • My mother died of complications from breast cancer
  • We bought our house here in Anaheim Hills
  • I dealt with resolving my mom's estate
  • We sold our Louisiana house and mom's house  

Holy Crap! What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger right?

I knew the odds of finding a permanent full-time faculty position within a reasonable commuting distance of my husband's work were very low given the nature of the academic job market, so I had to decide whether to pursue it anyway or find another way. 

After a year as an adjunct at a local university and much soul-searching, I realized I couldn’t continue in academia in this way. It was too painful for me to no longer teach full-time and be a full faculty member. In addition, I had serious ethical issues with the trend in higher education to replace tenure line positions with adjunct positions to save money and avoid paying benefits (a process I refer to as the "WalMartization of Higher Education", but that's a whole other blog...).

So I decided to leave academia and had to figure out a new path. It took a lot of crying, grieving, anger, fear, and hopelessness, but I did eventually work my way through it all to a happy and healthy place. And when I did, the solution presented itself as if by magic, which, as I have come to learn, is pretty much the way the universe works when you let go and let it do its thing!

 In fact, life seemed to have been leading me here all along…

The answer was life coaching, and my previous life as a professor and advisor gave me plenty of unofficial training and experience that prepared me well for this path. To formalize my training I signed up for, and recently completed, 9 months of phenomenal life coach training through the Martha Beck Institute, and hung my shingle "LifeWalker Coach is open for business".

If I had known about life coaching while I was going through the year and half from hell with all of its transitions and traumas, and then having to eventually reinvent myself, my path here would have been much smoother. 

That’s not to say I wouldn’t have gone through the grief, anger, fear, hopelessness, and crying, but there would have been a hell of a lot less of it and over a much shorter period of time. Sometimes my stubbornness is definitely not an asset!

Rather than let others struggle as I did, my mission is to help you avoid some of the pitfalls I fell into and make the process easier, even if just a bit. That is what LifeWalker Coach is all about and why I am doing what I’m doing. I can help. 

It’s Your Path
                            Find it. Live it. Love it.
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